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 Arc welding robot
Supplier news
06/11/14 - The Motoman MA3120 arc welding robot features an extra-long reach arm that reduces the need for tracks.
Honeywell takes a LEAP forward
Supplier news
27/10/14 - It is common for large automation projects to overrun their budgets. Matt McDonald reports on a new methodology that aims to address this situation.
ANSYS enables virtual systems prototyping
Supplier news
01/10/14 - A multidisciplinary integrated approach will help companies arrive at better designs earlier and reduce their reliance on costly physical prototyping.
With the Quick Connect technology a robot can return to work after a tool change in less than 500 milliseconds.
Supplier news
01/10/14 - With the Quick Connect technology a robot can return to work after a tool change in less than 500 milliseconds.
The APAS is an automated culture-plate analysis and reporting system for use in clinical laboratories.
22/09/14 - ADELAIDE-based medical technology company LBT Innovations has begun clinical trials of its Automated Plate Assessment System.
The ScanEagle UAV propulsion system is the first of its type to be engineered from the ground up for unmanned aerospace applications.
22/09/14 - PERTH-based Orbital Corporation has delivered the first purpose-built internal combustion propulsion system for UAVs to Boeing subsidiary Insitu.
an AI-driven robot sheep-dog is still some way off
19/09/14 - A SWEDISH researcher has reverse-engineered the working dog, bringing the world one step closer to a robotic sheep-dog.
As vehicles become more and more connected and autonomous, with the ability to communicate to other vehicles and infrastructure through wireless networks, the threat of cyber attack increases.
19/09/14 - QUT road safety expert Professor Andry Rakotonirainy says as cars become more connected, they are at a real risk of being hacked.
The new technology lab is the brainchild of engineer Dr Michael Myers.
16/09/14 - The lab is the brainchild of engineer Dr Michael Myers who is focused on making leading edge technology available to small to medium businesses.
FANUC and Rockwell Automation collaborate on integrated manufacturing solutions
Supplier news
11/09/14 - The two companies have expanded their initial collaboration started four years ago in the CNC and Logix programmable automation controller environments.
ABB unveils world's first collaborative robot: YuMi
Supplier news
10/09/14 - The robot’s soft and padded dual arms combined with force-sensing technology ensure the safety of YuMi’s human co-workers.
The robotic boat will be tested against global competitors in the first-ever international marine robotics competition in Singapore come October 2014.
03/09/14 - QUT researchers are building driverless boats with the AI capabilities to "think" for themselves during emergency situations.

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