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Direct metal printing removes the complexity involved in manufacturing
Supplier news
05/04/18 - CEEE partnered with 3D Systems to increase the efficiency of a 1kW heat exchanger by 20 percent while reducing weight and size.
Igus’ bundled design for the cables on long energy chain travels successfully prevents corkscrewing in production lines.
Supplier news
27/03/18 - igus has added two new PUR hybrid cables, CFSPECIAL.792.015 and CFSPECIAL.792.016 to their range of e-chain cables for robots.
3D Systems offers both wax and resin materials for investment casting that dramatically reduces metal part production costs and time
Supplier news
25/03/18 - 3D Systems offers both wax and resin materials for investment casting applications.
3D Systems’ On Demand Manufacturing team helped Metro Aerospace take the microvanes from a prototype into a production part
Supplier news
15/03/18 - The microvanes are adhesively fastened on both sides of an aircraft’s fuselage and designed to reduce drag by reshaping airflow around the aft cargo door.
When a person approaches the robot, a horizontal safety laser scanner detects it early, slowing down the robot in a controlled manner to avert any possible danger
Supplier news
06/03/18 - Using microScan3 safety laser scanners as well as Flexi Soft safety controller, DESMA ensures safe operation of a robot on an injection moulding machine.
The Triflex RS robotic cable carrier system from igus was designed with the less is more approach in mind
Supplier news
03/02/18 - Robotic cable management is in focus today because of its impact on machine reliability.
The compact igus robolink system
Supplier news
29/01/18 - Treotham announces the release of a new compact robot arm from igus, designed for cost-effective automation of simple tasks.
igus’ drylin E linear robot
Supplier news
10/12/17 - The new range of compact linear robots has been developed by igus to accomplish automation tasks in limited space production processes.
Industrial Internet Consortium and oneM2M partner on IIoT
28/09/17 - Under this agreement, the organisations will promote the digital economy by preventing fragmentation and by harmonising various aspects in the IIoT.
igus drylin ZLW eco
Supplier news
26/09/17 - igus has added to its range, the drylin ZLW eco, a new line of lubrication-free and maintenance-free toothed belt drive axes.
MB991 Micro ATX motherboard
Supplier news
23/09/17 - Backplane Systems Technology announces the release of iBase Technology's MB991 Micro ATX motherboards.
PGA460 supports wide-distance object detection at low power
Supplier news
09/08/17 - Mouser Electronics announces the availability of the PGA460 and PGA460-Q1 ultrasonic signal processors and drivers from Texas Instruments (TI).

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