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Fronius robotic welding system
Supplier news
25/01/13 - SMENCO is supplying Fronius robotic welding systems to be fitted into older welding robots to extend their working life. SMENCO is the Australian distributor for Fronius.
CASI's turnkey automation solutions are manufactured in-house
Supplier news
21/01/13 - Here Ferret.com.au rounds up a collection of articles focussing on specific bulk handling, automation and surveillance systems designed for use in industrial environments.
Rockwell Automation Software Technical Education (RSTechED) conference
Supplier news
14/01/13 - The annual Rockwell Automation Software Technical Education (RSTechED) conference is set to return to Melbourne in 2013.
A random size case erector developed by CASI that uses robotics to select correct carton size
Supplier news
10/12/12 - Here we turn to a discussion of the conveyor sortation and custom robotic automation solutions available from CASI ANZ.
Welsh students are introduced to Renishaw's manufacturing processes
Supplier news
03/12/12 - Renishaw opened the doors of its new manufacturing facility in Miskin, South Wales to 700 students from across the region at two special ‘Education Days’ held during October and November.
PACKSPEC's paperboard pallets are made from 100% recycled cardboard, and weigh only 6.5kg
Supplier news
30/10/12 - Handling and stacking empty wooden pallets by hand can cause musculoskeletal injuries. In the second part of this series, we turn to solutions that can reduce this risk.
Press tending robot
Supplier news
16/10/12 - APEX Automation and Robotics introduces the press tending robot, the latest addition in the family of robotic solutions.
Supplier news
28/09/12 - Four Adept ClamPAC robotic systems were installed at Earthbound Farm to case pack new environment-friendly clamshell packages.
The IRB120T industrial robot
Supplier news
28/09/12 - The IRB120T provides pick and pack applications in the food and beverage and packaging sectors.
The Industrial robot can be mounted at any angle
Supplier news
25/09/12 - ABB Australia has released the new IRB120T robot. A variant of the IRB120, it is particularly intended for use in the food and beverage and packaging industries.
Supplier news
10/09/12 - Here Ferret.com.au looks at a range of storage solutions designed to maximise warehouse floor space utilisation and provide safer order picking.
FUJI ACE EC-201 robotic palletising system
Supplier news
23/08/12 - AZ-Pak Systems has completed the installation of FUJI ACE EC-201 robotic palletising systems at three BPS plants.

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