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Presented at the Hannover Messe 2019, the basic framework of the igus ‘rohbot’ is a new, lighter and more precise robolink DC articulated arm made of plastic.
Supplier news
01/06/19 - For users seeking low cost automation, igus presented two new approaches at the Hannover Messe 2019.
Using the high-temperature 3D printer, the filament can be processed well on a printing plate equipped with a PET film.
Supplier news
25/05/19 - Thanks to the new 3D printer, users can now use a lubrication-free and maintenance-free filament for the production of heat-resistant special parts.
The new TR.RSEL retraction system with energy chains ensures trouble-free operation of robots.
Supplier news
14/05/19 - Treotham introduces a new retraction system from igus for energy chains designed to ensure fail-safe operation of robots in modern industrial environments.
German Federal Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven visited the igus stand at the Hannover Messe
Supplier news
03/05/19 - igus presented the future of service robotics to illustrious visitors at the Hannover Messe 2019 trade show held in April.
Tom Krause, Business Division Manager Additive Manufacturing at igus
Supplier news
20/02/19 - igus has added new laser sintering printers to expand their 3D printing capacity for the production of durable wear-resistant parts for customers.
igus plane-chain: New, reliable energy chain system with convex special trough for high speeds in automation
Supplier news
24/11/18 - Treotham introduces a new e-chain solution from igus specifically designed for long travels in production automation applications.
Futek's IAA Series amplifier: A full-bridge strain gauge-based load and torque sensor resides within the claw of the robotic arm measuring the torque and load of an object.
Supplier news
22/10/18 - Assembly lines in plants employ industrial robots for greater efficiency and reliability.
Park, dock and load with quickly configurable and wear-resistant igus gears in the Matrix charging system
Supplier news
07/10/18 - The high-tech company Easelink from Graz, Austria, therefore, relies on the 3D printing service from motion plastics specialist igus.
Whether as a kit or a preassembled system, the 5-axis articulated arm from Treotham simplifies entry into the world of automation.
Supplier news
25/09/18 - With its robolink range of igus products, Treotham aims to offer low-cost components made of lubrication-free and maintenance-free plastics.
SMC digital pressure switch_accurate reliable pressure
Supplier news
12/09/18 - ​SMC will be showcasing at this years Foodtech Packtech New Zealand from 18 – 20 September
TiM sensors for environment detection and navigation support
Supplier news
30/08/18 - The fact that man and machine can now live together is made possible not least by sensor solutions such as the 2D LiDAR sensors from SICK's TiM series.

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