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Automated Liquid Handlers

John Morris Scientific
John Morris Scientific has a proud heritage spanning 60 years and specialises in the supply, installation & servicing of laboratory instruments & consumables covering diverse industry sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand & the South West Pacific ...
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Pathtech Pty Ltd provide their customers a range of products and services, these include sample storage systems, handheld pipetting systems, automated liquid handling systems, automated pipettes and micro plate readers. This company is located in Preston,
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Martin Christ Pilot-Scale freeze dryers
Supplier news
22/12/08 - John Morris Scientific introduce Martin Christ’s Epsilon series Pilot-Scale freeze dryers. Epsilon Pilot-scale freeze dryers assist production scale technology and are used for upscaling laboratory research, production freeze drying cycle development ...
The Rheograph 75 high pressure capillary rheometer
Supplier news
19/12/08 - John Morris Scientific are pleased to offer a range of products from GÖttfert including Melt Indexers and High Pressure Capillary Rheometers. The MI-4 is a unique Melt Indexer with an automatic weight selection. The MI-4 can carry out single weight test ...

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