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Site Master Broadband Cable & Antenna Analyser S820D
TechRentals Pty Ltd
TechRentals have a range of Radio Frequency Test Equipment from leading brands available for hire or purchase suitable for different applications.
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Altronic Distributors provide high quality test instruments to the electronics and engineering fields. Products include Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors and FETs, Relays, Plugs and Sockets, Switches, P.A. and Hi-Fi Speakers, Sirens and ...
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TechRentals offers specialised test and measurement equipment for a wide range of industries. Products offered encompass electrical power measurement and analysis, general industrial applications, physical measurement, radio frequency, environmental ...
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For over 30 years, Emona Instruments has been supplying electronic and electrical test and measuring instruments to Australian engineers, technicians and teachers. From oscilloscopes, power supplies, function generators and multimeters, through to testing ...
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Wolfson is a global leader in the supply of high performance mixed-signal chips for the digital consumer market. Supplier of choice for many of the world’s tier 1 consumer Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Products: DACs ADCs CODECs Imaging ...
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Function and waveform generators
Supplier news
18/06/09 - Emona Instruments offer range of function and waveform generators. Emona Instruments cover function generator brands such as Rigol Technologies, GW Instrument and Thurlby Thandar.
PFM3000 hand-held frequency counter
Supplier news
04/02/09 - The new PFM3000 from TTi, represented in Australia by Emona Instruments, is a European built hand-held frequency counter, which can measure signals from below 3Hz to above 3GHz.
Processing equipment
Supplier news
03/02/09 - Armfield represented in Australia by Emona Instruments, design and manufacture miniature scale equipment for research and development in food processing, pharmaceutical, fragrances, edible oils, dairy, liquid foods and beverages industries. Armfield ...
Seaward Electronic SD300 discharge device
Supplier news
02/02/09 - Seaward Electronic, represented in Australia by Emona Instruments, have introduced SD300 discharge device for safe discharge of stored energy in large capacitors and electrically charged equipment.
Supplier news
30/01/09 - Emona Instruments, suppliers of electrical or electronic test instruments and equipment, have released the 2009 Emona Test Instruments catalogue.
Analogue gain can be adjusted from +24 to -21dB in 0.5dB steps, while digital gain can be programmed from -21.5dB to -103dB in 0.5dB steps.
Supplier news
01/02/05 - WOLFSON Microelectronics has released the WS590 audio codec for DVD-RW systems. It has differential stereo inputs and outputs and its sample rates are independently programmable for the ADC and DAC.

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