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Safety Air Nozzles in Brass, Stainless Steel, Zinc Aluminium Alloy and PEEK
Compressed Air Australia
Award winning Super Air Nozzles engineered by EXAIR include Safety Air Nozzles and Air Jets that reduce noise levels and air costs on blowoff operations.
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Tecpro Australia specialise in washdown equipment, providing stainless steel hose reels, spray nozzles, cleaning guns, mixing valves, cleaning nozzles and water mixers for tank cleaning, dust suppression and water jet cutting solutions.
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Compressed Air Australia offers high quality, energy-conserving solutions that solve problems in industrial plants. Compressed Air is a leading distributor of: EXAIR compressed air products that blow off, vacuum, cool, vent, dry, convey and neutralise ...
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Supply cleaning guns for both high and low pressure.
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EXAIR’s spray nozzle
Supplier news
25/06/15 - Compressed Air Australia introduces a new range of internal mix atomising spray nozzles designed to produce the finest mist of atomised liquid.
EXAIR’s no drip siphon fed atomising nozzle
Supplier news
11/02/15 - Compressed Air Australia presents a new range of siphon fed atomising spray nozzles designed to prevent drip in various liquid spray applications.
K-Spray Nozzles produce a fan shaped curtain of water, ensuring high screening efficiency
Supplier news
28/10/11 - K-Spray Nozzles are now available from Kinder & Company, providing a reliable solution for applications that require a high volume of water to be evenly distributed over a surface.
EXAIR’s Atomising Spray Nozzle
Supplier news
23/03/11 - EXAIR's new atomising spray nozzles, available from Compressed Air Australia are internal mix nozzles that atomise fluids in a range of spray patterns for a variety of applications.
Ultrasonic air atomising spray nozzles
Supplier news
14/10/10 - Ultrasonic air atomising spray nozzles are air driven acoustic oscillators which atomise liquids into ultra fine droplets by passing them through a field of high frequency sound waves.
Supplier news
21/04/08 - Spray Nozzle Specialists provides wide range of spray nozzles which include air atomising spray nozzles, specialty nozzles, washdown nozzles cleaning guns, liquid transfer nozzles and so on.

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