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Anti-Vibration Mounts from Vibration Solutions
Vibration Solutions
​AMC MECANOCAUCHO® design and manufacture comprehensive ranges of anti-vibration mounts for the effective reduction of structure borne noise.
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Gelmec is a major supplier of vibration damping, noise control and shock isolation solutions for electronics. Gelmec carries a wide selection of vibration damping isolators for disk drives, PCBs and other light fragile electronics.
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Vibration Solutions operates as the Australian distributor of AMC Anti-vibration Mounts and Security Locknut products used for generation of electrical energy, air compression, pumping of liquids, industrial vehicles, machine tools, agricultural machinery, ...
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Soft isolation anti vibration sheets reduce shock and vibration from a range of heavy and audio equipment
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12/01/11 - Only millimetres thick, soft isolation anti vibration sheet from Gelmec Vibration, Noise and Shock Control is able to cushion shock and vibration problems from heavy machinery and audio equipment.
Soft silicone free gel sheets
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17/11/10 - Soft silicone free gel sheets from Gelmec Vibration, Noise and Shock Control are ideal for hard disc drive isolation.

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