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Anti-Vibration Mounts from Vibration Solutions
Vibration Solutions
​AMC MECANOCAUCHO® design and manufacture comprehensive ranges of anti-vibration mounts for the effective reduction of structure borne noise.
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OTB Products
OTB Products provide a range of personal and body products such as cool zone vests, cool ties, neck and wrist wraps, cooling products and cooling seat pads. OTB Products also provide personal safety products for the workplace, safety matting, safe communication ...
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Established in 1998, MVAS has been providing vibration analysis,condition monitoring and fault analysis of rotating machinery to the mining and chemical manufacturing industry.
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Vibco Australia supply a large range of vibrators, including pneumatic, turbine, industrial, ball, piston, sanitary, foundry and concrete vibrators. The range also includes air cannons, impactors, knockers, railroad car shakers and ...
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Vibration Solutions operates as the Australian distributor of AMC Anti-vibration Mounts and Security Locknut products used for generation of electrical energy, air compression, pumping of liquids, industrial vehicles, machine tools, agricultural machinery, ...
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LORD provides valuable expertise in adhesives and coatings, vibration and motion control, and magnetically responsive tech­nologies. Our people work in collaboration with our customers to help them increase the value of their products. Innovative and ...
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The principal activity of Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd. is the design, testing, manufacture and marketing of protective helmets and communications equipment. These helmet systems are used worldwide by military and civil aircrews, industry, fire and ...
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Ultra soft anti vibration tape from Gelmec
Supplier news
17/09/09 - This ultra soft anti vibration tape works in narrow spaces. Designed to reduce vibrations and shock, this is ideal for compact electronics enclosures.
SearchTIC thermal imaging camera
Supplier news
26/02/09 - OTB Products have introduced the SearchTIC hand-held thermal imaging camera, a hand-held thermal imager designed for urban search and rescue use. The SearchTIC thermal imaging camera is suitable for locating victims in and around structural collapse ...
Delsar LifeDetectors
Supplier news
25/02/09 - The Delsar LifeDetector LD3, available from OTB Products, is a seismic/acoustic listening device that is designed specifically to detect and locate trapped live victims in collapsed structures caused
Searchcam 2000 victim location system
Supplier news
24/02/09 - Searchcam 2000, available from OTB Products, is a victim location system and has the same quality, functionality, durability, and reliability found in previous Searchcam models and proven in actual op
Chase Ergonomics’ Tradewinds open cell neoprene body protectors available from OTB Products
Supplier news
10/12/08 - Chase Ergonomics have produced a new range of open cell neoprene body protectors that are suitable for warm climates, use under clothing or work in confined or stuffy spaces.
Protective gloves, back supports and footwear inserts available from OTB Products
Supplier news
03/11/08 - OTB Products specialise in advanced technologies of personal protection. OTB Products have introduced products that are the result of collaboration by two companies, Body Glove and Chase Ergonomics. Chase Ergonomics manufacture products with clinical ...

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