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Faraday Pty Ltd
Faraday Pty Ltd is a specialist electromagnetic shielding company, with services including: RF shielding design, RF shielding manufacture, RF shielding installation and testing, 3rd party independent testing using NATA accredited test services.
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Acoustica manufactures noise control products and has solutions for soundproofing and acoustic treatments for walls, ceilings and floors for all sorts of applications. Acoustica's range of products include Acoustic Absorbers, Acoustic Barriers, Acoustic ...
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Westek Electronics offer a range of EMI and EMC test equipment includes radio frequency (RF), broadband amplifiers, receivers, antennas, LISN's, GTEM cells as well as generators for high energy surges, EFT bursts, power quality and electro static discharge ...
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Frankonia shielded door
Supplier news
18/04/11 - Westek Electronics offers Frankonia shielded doors designed for EMC testing anechoic chambers.
AT4418 antenna
Supplier news
19/01/09 - The new models, AT4418 and AT4403, available from Faraday, are designed to supply constant high intensity field necessary for testing within and beyond the confines of a shielded room.
AR Modular RF KMW1035 amplifier
Supplier news
16/01/09 - The new KMW1035 model, available from Faraday, is a 50-watt amplifier that covers the 30 to 512 MHz frequency band using six high-speed auto switching filters to assure harmonic suppression.
Brochure and video on AR’s informative capabilities available from Faraday
Supplier news
28/11/08 - AR, a provider of testing and communications solutions in the EMC, military and wireless have put together an informative capabilities brochure and a video overview that covers the companies that comprise AR. The brochure and the video on AR’s informative ...
Three monopole antennas are available.
Supplier news
11/04/06 - YORK EMC Services, distributed in Australia by RFI Industries, has introduced the model CNE III comparison noise emitter. The CNE III is a broadband noise source with a usable output power from 9kHz to 2GHz. Three monopole antennas are available which ...

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