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Clarke & Severn Electronics is supplier of connectors and cable assemblies from leading brands, suitable for various industrial applications. Products include Crystal Oscillators, reading and data collection products, PCB connectors and hardware, ...
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Conceptual diagram showing a pair of FUTEK LLB130 load cells monitor the force applied to the pouch during the pouch sealing process
Supplier news
25/04/17 - FUTEK has introduced a new range of load cells that can ensure the integrity of seals in packaged products.
Futek load cell in an exoskeleton application
Supplier news
06/04/17 - Futek load cells were installed in actuators within powered exoskeletons to measure the torque applied by the actuator.
FUTEK's IDA100 digitally programmable amplifier
Supplier news
10/10/16 - FUTEK has introduced a new range of digitally configurable strain gauge amplifiers designed to provide both analogue and digital outputs via USB.

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