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Polyurethane protective flooring
Supplier news
15/02/07 - Rhino Linings Newcastle proprietary formulations provide advanced physical properties, which provide superior protection against abrasion, impact and chemical attack.
Stepped SealClamp exhaust clamp
Supplier news
21/12/06 - Pre-assembled and supplied with fewer parts, Donaldson’s Stepped SealClamp exhaust clamp requires less torque than other commercially available exhaust clamps and are arguably the only one in the market that can be fitted with one-wrench installation.
Powdersave 2 powder thickness gauge
Supplier news
05/10/06 - Ramseier Technologies, represented in Australia by Birrer Industries, has released a powder thickness gauge, Powdersave 2.
TRUMATIC 1000 Rotation enhances complete processing
Supplier news
26/09/06 - TRUMATIC 1000 Rotation enhances complete processing through an innovative deburring technology and increases user benefit.
ROFIN laser systems provides advanced solutions for multilayered packaging materials
Supplier news
22/09/06 - In consumer goods industries, packaging is considered a crucial factor in the consumer’s product experience. ROFIN laser systems offer advanced solutions for perfect easy opening and easy ventilation functions in multilayered packaging materials. ...
Korenix launches new Industrial Ethernet Fiber Media Converter
Supplier news
15/09/06 - Korenix has launched a new JetCon1301, an Industrial Ethernet Fiber Media Converter, to the expansion of its JetCon product family.
Powdersafe 2 testing kit.
Supplier news
14/09/06 - RAMSEIER Technologies, represented in Australia by Birrer Industries, has released a powder thickness gauge - Powdersave 2. The gauge offers the user the ability to measure uncured powder thicknesses - without touching the powder.
The TC 1000 R punching machine.
Supplier news
11/09/06 - TRUMPF has poured all its punching know-how into the new TRUMATIC 1000 ROTATION punching machine, available in Australia through Headland Machinery. The compact machine has been designed as a beginner model for the bottom segment of the TRUMPF product ...
Now in metric versions.
Supplier news
01/09/06 - TOL-O-MATIC, represented in Australia by Pneumatic Products, has announced that its Slide-Rite gearboxes are now offered in 3:2 and 2:1 gear ratios, and metric versions in 1:1 ratios. Slide-Rite gearboxes consist of two 45-degree helical gears that mesh ...
Belden offers Industrial Fieldbus Cables
Supplier news
01/09/06 - Belden has offered Industrial Fieldbus Cables.
Acidity of aqueous solutions contributes to corrosiveness and influences the rates of biological processes.
Supplier news
18/05/06 - According to Hanna Instruments, acidity can be caused by mineral or organic acids, or by carbon dioxide as carbonic acid.
Supplier news
09/12/05 - Kodak's Graphic Communications Group (GCG) has announced that it will increase the price of prepress consumables for the Greater Asia Region (GAR) effective with the close of business on December 30, 2005.

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