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Aluminium Lifting Arms

Genie® Lift™ from Total Lifting Solutions
Total Lifting Solutions
The Genie Lift from Total Lifting Solutions provides the ideal solution for all your materials handling needs.
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Materials Handling specialises in the movement, control and protection of goods as they are manufactured, distributed, stored, used and disposed of environmentally and safely while improving profitability and productivity. Products include access equipment, ...
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King Materials Handling are materials handling equipment specialists. Working with you to solve problems, increase productivity, make your workplace safer and provide the equipment and advice you need.
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Total Lifting Solutions supplies and supports lifting and material handling equipment. We provide solutions to suit specific needs from standard product to fully customised materials handling. With over 28 years experience TLS ...
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Mezzalad aluminium ladders from King Materials Handling
Supplier news
13/09/10 - The 600mm Mezzalad aluminum ladder from King Materials Handling allows comfortable access with two hand railings built to create safety and stability.
Free standing Gorbel crane system
Supplier news
13/04/09 - Free standing Gorbel crane systems, available from Total Lifting Solutions, are useful when the crane system cannot be attached to the building structure. It incorporates two parallel runways suspended under a header support structure with a bridge beam ...
Supplier news
17/03/09 - King Materials Handling offer the King multi purpose drum trolley. It is light and safe to use. The King multi purpose drum trolley is zinc plated, has a double torsion sprung axle and is a four wheeled, two angled, four purpose trolley. King Materials ...
Highlite lifters
Supplier news
16/03/09 - The Highlite lifter, available from King Materials Handling, has a lightweight frame constructed of aluminium alloy. This lightweight stacker (60Kg with forks and legs attached) is suitable for tradesmen to carry in their vehicles to take with them on ...
Hoist jibs
Supplier news
13/03/09 - Hoist jibs for wall mounts, available from King Materials Handling, clamps to a 50mm diameter pole. The pole can be either standard scaffold, or a length of pole can be attached to two brackets, which can be screwed to a wall or an existing vertical ...
Onboard forklift truck weighing system
Supplier news
12/03/09 - The onboard forklift truck weighing system, available from King Materials Handling, is a low cost reliable weighing system for forklift trucks, which fit directly into users’ existing hydraulic hose system, with load weights shown on a number screen ...
Quickstak automatic loader/unloader
Supplier news
11/03/09 - Quickstak, available from King Materials Handling, is used as a materials handling solution for moving or lifting or unloading different materials. The Quickstak automatic loader/unloader can be manoe
Pallet/ load inverter
Supplier news
11/03/09 - Pallet or load inverters, available from King Materials Handling, rotate a load to 180 degrees in order to swap a wooden or in-house pallet for a plastic/stainless/aluminium pallet and vice versa. Pallet or load inverters are available in different models.
Telemetry load sensor shackle
Supplier news
10/03/09 - The telemetry load sensor shackles, available from King Materials Handling, can obtain exact weights on any load. The users simply need to place the shackle onto any hook, then hang the load from the shackle pin and the exact weight of the load will ...

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