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Aluminium Cranes

Designed to be lightweight and flexible
Chess Engineering Pty Ltd
Feltes Portable Gantry Cranes are designed to be lightweight and flexible for quick and easy transportation but still provide the strength needed to shift heavy loads.
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Feltes Portable Gantry Cranes
Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment
Portable Gantry Cranes are available in stationary or moveable models. Both are easy to assemble and provide room for attachments.
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Lifting Systems by Konecranes
CXT Cranes for general lifting requirements up to 80 tonnes.
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Redfern Flinn has been helping businesses of all sizes in providing lifting and moving solutions since 1977. Redfern Flinn is able to provide your business with a complete end-to-end materials handling solution for your lifting and moving needs; by designing, ...
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Founded in 1967, Chess Engineering is a multi-skilled engineering company. Chess Engineering is most active in Rail, Food Mining and the Construction sectors. Chess Industries offer Material Handling Products, Fabrication, Machining, ...
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Konecranes is a global lifting businesses group, they manufacture and supply a range of light lifting equipment, industrial cranes, products for hazardous environments, process cranes, port cranes and lift trucks. Services they provide include crane ...
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Moveable gantry crane
Supplier news
08/03/12 - A range of Aluminium Portable Gantry Cranes are available from Phoenix Lifting.

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