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The two person aerial work platform
Supplier news
27/01/09 - Millsom Materials Handling, also known as Millsom Hoists, offer the two person aerial work platform, which is a portable device and can be used for applications where access to height is required.
Low friction tracks and fittings for crane
Supplier news
26/01/09 - Millsom Materials Handling offer modular low friction tracks and fittings that are suitable for monorails, bridge cranes and jib cranes. The low-friction movement eases operator fatigue and increases operator handling speed for high volume, low capacity ...
The Krantechnik electric chain hoist
Supplier news
23/01/09 - The SK series, available from Millsom Materials Handling, includes high-performance motors that have been packed into a compact design. The sturdy construction provides long service life, reliable operation and low maintenance costs.
Flat suction pads
Supplier news
22/01/09 - Suction pads, available from Millsom Materials Handling, are used wherever objects (parts, packing materials) need to be lifted, transported, turned over or handled in some other manner. They are the connecting element between the vacuum generator and ...
KROMER Spring Balancers
Supplier news
21/01/09 - KROMER Spring Balancers, available from Millsom Materials Handling, have lifting capacities ranging from 9kg to 300kg. These balancers are distinguished by their conical cable drum which ensures that the retraction force remains constant, regardless ...
Single person aerial work platform
Supplier news
20/01/09 - Millsom Materials Handling offer the single person aerial work platform, a portable device suitable for applications where access to height is required.
The Roto Lift Automatic Pallet Elevator
Supplier news
15/01/09 - The Roto Lift range, available from Millsom Materials Handling, was developed to reduce the workplace back injuries, which account for up to 85% of all Workcover claims.
Light capacity track cranes
Supplier news
14/01/09 - Light capacity track cranes, available from Millsom Materials Handling, utilise the components available in Millsom Materials Handling’s tracks and accessories range of equipment. These track cranes are available in many configurations. The two common ...
Lifter and Platform trolleys
Supplier news
13/01/09 - Millsom Materials Handling provide different models of trolleys such as Lifter trolleys and Platform trolleys. Lifter trolleys operate by raising heavy loads with the use of hydraulics. Millsom Lifter trolleys are safe and versatile to transport goods ...
KROMER Spring Retractors
Supplier news
12/01/09 - KROMER Spring Retractors, available from Millsom Materials Handling, are designed in such a way that retraction force increases as the cable is extended. As a result, after use, the attached tool is returned to its starting position by the retractor, ...
415V three phase electric winches
Supplier news
07/01/09 - The 415V three phase electric winches, available from Millsom Materials Handling, are precision engineered and ruggedly constructed. They are available in models suitable for many hoisting and pulling operations.
Jumbo vacuum lifter with multi-gripper
Supplier news
06/01/09 - J. Schmalz GmbH offer the Jumbo vacuum lifter with multi-gripper, a material handling solution that is available from Millsom Materials Handling. It permits the handling of products with soft and flexible surfaces.

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