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Alcohol Testing Procedures

Medvet Laboratories provides a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing service and product sales Australia wide. Medvet can conduct on site drug testing and on site alcohol testing and supplies a wide range of drug testing kits and drug detection equipment.
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Andatech breathalysers helped pioneer the consumer market for breath alcohol testers. Andatech first offered breathalysers into Australian market in 2003 as an entertaining safety device that should be used by everyone consuming alcohol.
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CQ Calibration Services provides services for calibration and repair of measuring equipment to a variety of companies including fabrication, engineering, construction, manufacturing, power generation, service and maintenance, coal and gold mining and ...
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Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine goes grog-free
14/07/14 - Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine is going alcohol-free, with workers fearing that other mine sites around the country will follow suit.
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17/10/11 - Synthetic cannabis can be up to 100 times the strength of the real drug, but is difficult to detect in drug tests. Medvet can help to keep testing policies up to date to avoid legal loopholes.
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01/06/09 - Breathalysers can test a person’s blood alcohol level after consumption of a few alcoholic drinks. According to Andatech Corporation, many bars, pubs, clubs and entertainment venues that serve liquor
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29/05/09 - Andatech Corporation have launched an alcohol safety campaign that encourages parents to equip family members with personal breathalysers. The Andatech AL9000 is less expensive to own and operate. The

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