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Firestone Coil Rite  systems maintain a level vehicle in tough conditions
Air Springs Supply
Air suspension kits are suitable suspension systems for work vehicles ensuring they have reliable shock absorbers when moving heavy loads.
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Air Springs Supply is Australia's leading supplier of air springs and associated pneumatic technology for the industrial and transport sectors. The company offers advanced, efficient and reliable solutions for the engineering of industrial actuation ...
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Airbag and Air Suspension Specialists; Light Vehicles: Air Suspension, 4WDs, Vans, Trailers, Caravans Heavy Vehicles: Air Suspension, Trucks, Buses Industrial: Actuation and Isolation, Industrial Applications
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A vehicle’s suspension is important to reliability, safety and risk management across major industries using trucks including mining
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13/12/15 - Air Springs Supply has more than 30 years of experience as Australia's leading supplier of Firestone air springs.
All-Air’s Complete Coil-Rite Kit
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29/04/15 - Australians are driving farther on cheaper petrol with greater loads, leading to performance challenges in their vehicles, says All Air Suspension.
Firestone air spring, left, with trivalent chromium coating survives a 200-hour salt spray testing, more than twice the normal 96 hours while the rusty airbag, right, failed after the standard 96-hour test
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06/06/13 - Air Springs Supply warns that local transport operators and businesses dependent on trucks are being short-changed by look-alike products that don’t offer the same quality, performance and reliability.
Coil-Rite Supplementary Suspensions
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17/08/10 - Air Springs Supply offers Coil-Rite supplementary air suspensions from Firestone.
Air Springs Supply expands titanically proven elastomer technology
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17/02/10 - A comprehensive range of proven elastomer technology for onshore, offshore and underwater construction, engineering and maintenance tasks is being introduced to Australia by Pronal’s national distributor Air Springs Supply.
Ride-Rite air-helper suspension kit and Air-Rite air control kit for double-cab HiLux utility
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07/04/08 - A Toyota HiLux that has to cope with the widely varying loads imposed by a 1000 litre water tank has benefited from the fitting of air suspension that allows the vehicle owner to level the vehicle when required to give a safer and more stable ride.
Ride rite system in party bus
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20/02/07 - All Air Suspension has introduced Ride rite system that can iron out difficulties presented by unevenly loaded vehicles, whether they are loaded with tools, equipment or 47 people.

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