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Exair Precision safety air guns have a sleek profile
Supplier news
12/10/10 - Available from Compressed Air Australia, Exair Precision safety air guns are lightweight and provide comfortable operation if used for extended periods of time.
VMAU variable spray air atomising nozzles
Supplier news
06/10/10 - VMAU variable spray air atomising nozzles feature individual controls for liquid, atomising air and fan air, and are supplied in Australia by Spraying Systems Co.
Compact WindJet air nozzles
Supplier news
05/10/10 - Spraying Systems Co supplies Compact WindJet air nozzles, compact units which have been designed to be easy to install in tight places for a range of air control applications.
Super Air Nozzle
Supplier news
20/09/10 - EXAIR's new 3/4 NPT stainless steel Super Air Nozzle, available from Compressed Air Australia delivers 2041 grams of strong blowing force for blowoff, cooling and drying applications.
Silvent air blowing nozzles
Supplier news
22/07/10 - Silvent low noise, high efficiency air blowing nozzles from Spray Nozzle Engineering have recently been installed on a high speed beverage packaging line.
PEEK Super Air Nozzles
Supplier news
31/05/10 - Exair's new PEEK Super Air Nozzles deliver strong blowing force while providing non-marring protection should the air nozzle come in contact with other surfaces.
Introducing the ANEST IWATA waterborne paint equipment system
Supplier news
14/01/10 - The ANEST IWATA W400 WB series of spray guns have been designed specifically for the application of waterborne paints.
Large Super Air Nozzle
Supplier news
11/01/10 - The new Exair Large Super Air Nozzle, available from Compressed Air Australia, has been engineered to maximize entrained airflow and force while reducing compressed air use and noise.
The Sanitor tank washer from Technical Projects
Supplier news
30/10/09 - The new Sanitor tank washer from Technical Projects combines all the functionality of a slow constant rotation across a wide pressure band, with economical flow rates and very powerful cleaning jets.
The Bumper Nozzle from Technical projects
Supplier news
29/10/09 - Technical Projects releases the Bumper Nozzle, a new nozzle built for comfort, practicality and a lifetime of heavy duty action.
PA RB65 Wash Down Gun
Supplier news
15/06/09 - BAR Group, one of the leading pressure washer companies in Australia, have released a new red coloured version of the famous RB65 wash down gun.
Compressed Air Australia to showcase Ultrasonic leak detectors and safety air guns at National Manufacturing Week
Supplier news
22/04/09 - Compressed Air Australia have announced that Neal Raker, Applications Engineer with EXAIR will be available at the National Manufacturing Week exhibition to answer customers’ questions. Compressed Air

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