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Vibration isolation for fan belts
PIES Australia
Air Springs flexible air containers are manufactured of low tensile materials for optimal energy conductivity.
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Global Supply Line (GSL) have been supplying a wide range of valves and pipeline supplies from best world brands for over 35 years.  The product range includes floating valves, plug valves, valve actuators, gear boxes, control valves, ball valves, ...
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PIES Australia Pty Ltd have over 29 years of experience in Power Transmission Drive Design and Supply to clients all over Australia and Worldwide.
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Just Valves is a leader in flow control technology with a world-class product range and extensive industry knowledge. Our clientele includes Australian and international business from an extensive range of industries in mining, water, marine, gas, petrochemical, ...
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Air Springs Supply is Australia's leading supplier of air springs and associated pneumatic technology for the industrial and transport sectors. The company offers advanced, efficient and reliable solutions for the engineering of industrial actuation ...
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These actuators can perform a range of air actuation tasks, among others
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02/10/12 - These Firestone Airmount® air actuators from Air Springs Supply have a unique cylinder shape, and while they are different in appearance perform a range of actuation tasks.
Belt scraper design using a double-convoluted Firestone air spring
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25/05/12 - Air Springs Supply offers a range of pneumatic actuators and isolators for various vital conveyor ancillaries including belt scrapers that are used to clean conveyor belts.
A typical air spring conveyor application
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31/08/11 - Firestone Airstroke actuators available from Air Springs Supply offer simple yet efficient actuation solutions in process automation applications.
Firestone Airstroke Actuators
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12/08/11 - Air Springs Supply offers a solution to side loads found in conventional hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders with the Firestone Airstroke Actuators.
Airstroke Actuator Systems.
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29/03/11 - Air Springs Supply Airstroke Actuators are powered by normal factory compressed air and do not damage the internal seals of conventional cylinders and actuators after repeated use.
Automotive applications for Goodyear Super-Cushion air springs
Supplier news
28/07/10 - Trucks and trailers can benefit from higher productivity and longer life when using Goodyear Super-Cushion air springs from PIES Australia.
Goodyear air springs for industrial applications
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26/07/10 - PIES Australia supply a range of Goodyear Super-Cusion air springs for the isolation of unwanted vibration in industrial applications.
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23/02/07 - Air Springs Supply’s Firestone Airstroke range of actuators is seen as one of the solutions to overcome the need to constantly lubricate and protect actuators in conveyor systems operating in grimy and aggressive environments.

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