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Jumbo vacuum lifter with multi-gripper
Supplier news
06/01/09 - J. Schmalz GmbH offer the Jumbo vacuum lifter with multi-gripper, a material handling solution that is available from Millsom Materials Handling. It permits the handling of products with soft and flexible surfaces.
The jib crane
Supplier news
05/01/09 - Jib cranes from Millsom Materials Handling can be selected from a standard range of capacities and reaches, or can be made to suit the customer’s specific requirements. The jib cranes are available up to a lifting capacity of 5000kg, and a slewing radius ...
The Hoyer Personal Lifting System
Supplier news
02/01/09 - The Hoyer Lifting Units from Millsom Materials Handling are available in a variety of models with many options. Some models have only powered raise and the lower and the travel motion is achieved by the care giver pushing the hoist along the track. Other ...
The Hitachi Motorised Trolley
Supplier news
31/12/08 - Hitachi Motorised Trolleys from Millsom Materials Handling allow a hoist to be fitted to a monorail or crane system. The travel of the hoist is controlled by a single control pendant. The motorised trolley is easily connected to the Hitachi range of ...
The Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist
Supplier news
30/12/08 - Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists, available from Millsom Materials Handling, have reputation for quality in design and construction. The Hitachi Overload Limiter not only protects the hoist, but also the complete installation.
vacuum lifting device VacuMaster
Supplier news
26/12/08 - After consideration of all pros and cons of mechanical, magnetic and vacuum-assisted handling devices, the company decided to purchase a complete handling solution from Schmalz, represented by Millsom Materials Handling in Australia and New Zealand.
The vacuum lifting device VM-BASIC-500-H-6-2400
Supplier news
24/12/08 - The vacuum lifting device VM-BASIC-500-H-6-2400 is designed for loads weighing up to 500kg and is equipped with three cross-beams, each 800mm long, and six suction pads. Due to the extended suction-pad mountings, which are also flexible and spring-mounted, ...
The VacuMaster COMFORT
Supplier news
23/12/08 - Schmalz represented by Millsom Materials Handling in Australia and New Zealand are now replacing the range of vacuum lifting devices "VacuMaster VARIO" with the two new VacuMaster versions BASIC and COMFORT. This new generation of lifting devices takes ...
The suction pads
Supplier news
19/12/08 - The suction pads replace worn or damaged suction pads and can be fitted in seconds, without the need for tools. As original spare parts from the manufacturer Schmalz, they have the same dimensional accuracy as the original pads and the materials from ...
The JumboErgo 85 with pneumatic swivelling unit PSE
Supplier news
18/12/08 - Vacuum tube lifter with pneumatic swivelling unit, JumboErgo 85 from Millsom Materials Handling is suitable for the handling of collectors for solar systems.
The vacuum tube lifter JumboErgo 35
Supplier news
17/12/08 - Millsom Materials Handling, with an example, demonstrate how the loading of sheet metal working machines with vacuum handling devices can offer benefits.
The Schmalz JumboErgo 140
Supplier news
16/12/08 - Millsom Materials Handling, with an example, explain how vacuum tube lifters can improve the efficiency of a dual machining centre. The vacuum tube lifter is equipped with suction pads, which can be positioned anywhere on a longitudinal beam, making ...

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