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Adjustable Air Nozzles

The Big Gun Series Force 5 is the most powerful safety air gun on the market.
Knight Pneumatics
Designed for heavy-duty, industrial and construction cleaning applications; GUARDAIR’s range of airguns and power wash guns are made to perform.
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Compressed Air Australia
Compressed Air Australia offers high quality, energy-conserving solutions that solve problems in industrial plants. Compressed Air is a leading distributor of: EXAIR compressed air products that blow off, vacuum, cool, vent, dry, convey and neutralise ...
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Knight Pneumatics are Australian agents for ITW Vortec who supply compressed air operated Enclosure Coolers, Air Knives, Round Transvectors, Blow off Nozzles, Vortex Tubes and Personal Air Conditioners. Also stocking agent for Vicas Vacuum Cups, Ozair ...
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Blowoff air nozzles and jets
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19/06/07 - Vortec's patented blowoff nozzles and jets are all designed to substantially reduce compressed air consumption, compared to open jets.

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