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Photoelectric safety barrier
Supplier news
10/03/09 - According to Treotham Automation, the photoelectric safety barriers are electro-sensitive components using one or more light beams, emitted by an emitter and received by a receiver, to create an intangible area under control.
Metrix 440 electronic vibration switch
Supplier news
10/03/09 - Metrix 440/450 electronic vibration switches, available from Measurement Solutions, utilise a solid state crystal accelerometer and provides an electrical output when it is deformed by the vibration forces. The output is electronically converted to a ...
Tracer 2 analyser
Supplier news
09/03/09 - Meeco have introduced the second generation of their Tracer modular moisture analyser and fifth generation of parts-per-billion (ppb) detectors. The Tracer 2 analyser, available from Measurement Solutions, offers more alarms and new options.
Series CLG cryogenic level gauge
Supplier news
09/03/09 - Dwyer Instruments have released their new series CLG cryogenic level guage. The series CLG cryogenic level guage is designed for applications requiring an accurate, direct acting, low range differenti
Series SSS-1000 lightweight averaging flow sensors
Supplier news
06/03/09 - Dwyer Instruments have released the longer SSS-1000 lightweight averaging flow sensors. The Series SSS-1000 lightweight averaging flow sensors are now available in sizes ranging from 3-5/32? up to 23-29/32?.
CUBE vibration testing system
Supplier news
06/03/09 - The CUBE vibration testing system, available from Hylec Controls, simulates real-world 6 Degree of Freedom vibration with complete, simultaneous control of the amplitude and phase of all 6 Degrees of
Enerpac hydraulic cylinders used for placing condensate storage tanks
Supplier news
06/03/09 - A system of compact and powerful high-pressure (700 bar) Enerpac RR series hydraulic cylinders, operating upside down, has been used to position large condensate storage tanks for Eni Australia on the Northern Territory coast.
Meeco NastyBoy analyser
Supplier news
06/03/09 - The NastyBoy, Meeco’s new on-line analyser for moisture in chlorine is available from Measurement Solutions and is suitable for tough applications. Combining durability and accuracy, the Meeco NastyBoy analyser, features an advanced flow system design, ...
STDL-10 Submersible Temperature Data Logger
Supplier news
05/03/09 - Dwyer Instruments have released their new model of data logger called STDL-10 Submersible Temperature Data Logger. The STDL-10 is a miniature data logger that accurately records temperatures from -40
BP series battery pumps
Supplier news
04/03/09 - Enerpac have introduced portable battery pumps to drive hydraulic tools and small to medium hydraulic cylinders on remote sites or wherever an electric cord or air hose gets in the way. The BP series heavy duty 28 volt lithium ion battery pumps weigh ...
AquaVolt and AquaVolt+ moisture analysers
Supplier news
04/03/09 - AquaVolt and AquaVolt+ analysers, available from Measurement Solutions, are new additions to the Meeco line of precision moisture analysers. These moisture analysers provide cutting edge microprocessor technology for rack-mount requirements.
Barksdale Microtorque valves
Supplier news
03/03/09 - Barksdale Microtorque valve, available from Measurement Solutions, provides higher directional control for fluid power applications up to 6,000 psi where compact design and zero leakage are essential.

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