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Acid Etching

Building chemicals. Colour pigments, admixtures and surface coatings.
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Mastercut Technologies specialises in supplying high precision thin metal parts throughout Australia and the South Pacific. Based in Burleigh Heads Queensland, Mastercut Technologies utilises a range of techniques to create the required part including ...
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Slip testing
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19/11/08 - During the handover stage of a refurbishment to a south west Sydney venue, slip testing identified that the ceramic tiles installed within the amenities did not meet the minimum slip resistance recommendations of Standards Australia HB 197.
Non slip or anti slip acid etching treatment evaluation
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18/11/08 - The effectiveness of non slip or anti slip acid etching treatments is dependent on the chemical resistance of the surface along with the porosity of the tile body, the strength of the solution, the length of time that the solution is applied and how ...

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