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AT2-90 hydraulic tilter
Supplier news
23/02/09 - Leading fabricators of metal electrical enclosures for the power industry have chosen the Safetech AT2-90 hydraulic tilter for their coil titling operation.
Safetech MX A-ARM stretch film wrapper
Supplier news
17/02/09 - Target Australia have selected Safetech MX A-ARM stretch film wrappers to provide adequate load security.The existing operation in Target Australia required manual hand stretch wrapping. Hand wrapping of pallets led to inconsistency of film tension and ...
EnergyMaster system
Supplier news
04/02/09 - BarcoVision, represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies, have announced the release of the ‘EnergyMaster’ module for their MES systems, which have the ability to map different energy consumptions (electricity, gas, compressed air, ...
QuickSwitch line
Supplier news
03/02/09 - Krauss Maffei Extrusion of Munich, Germany, represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies, are chosen by Netherlands pipe manufacturer, Wavin Hardenberg, to supply a complete QuickSwitch line, for the production of PVC pipes. The QuickSwitch ...
PET bottles
Supplier news
29/01/09 - SIPA of Veneto, Italy, represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies, have developed PET stretch blow moulding machines for the production of PET bottles. SIPA have developed Smartcoat, an industrial coating system, suitable for products ...
Lifting Pallet with Pallet Elevator
Supplier news
26/12/08 - Lifting Pallets with Pallet Elevators are available from FlexLink Systems. Pallet elevators allow lifting pallets between two different elevation levels.
Heavy roller conveyor
Supplier news
24/12/08 - The Interroll Heavy roller conveyor range from FlexLink Systems offers handling solutions for the transportation of heavy goods on Euro, GKN Chep or industry specific pallets with unit loads of up to 15000 N (1500kg).
Aluminium Plastic Chain Conveyor System
Supplier news
23/12/08 - The conveyors available from FlexLink Systems are based on an aluminium conveyor beam with low friction slide rails guiding a plastic multi-flexing chain.
The Pallet Handling System XL
Supplier news
22/12/08 - Pallet handling system XL from FlexLink Systems is designed for light loads up to 3kg. The pallet system is suitable for a wide range of applications within different segments.
The Interroll Medium roller conveyor system
Supplier news
19/12/08 - Interroll Medium roller conveyor range from FlexLink Systems offers transportation system solutions for loads of up to 250kg using tangential chain and toothed belt drive transmission or roll-to-roll chain techniques. Examples of conveyed goods on a ...
XW chain conveyor systems
Supplier news
18/12/08 - The XW chain conveyor system, available from FlexLink Systems, is a system for wide applications. The advantage of a wide chain up to 1200 mm permits transport and accumulation in many different configurations.
The interroll light roller conveyor
Supplier news
17/12/08 - Interroll Light roller conveyors from FlexLink Systems are used for the transportation of small, light products normally over short distances. Examples of conveyed goods are boxes, light tools or machine parts, books, trays and parcels.

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