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Hylec Controls
Hylec Controls specialise in material, dynamic and multi channel testing equipment, servo-actuators and systems, electric and hydraulic shakers, package testing, environmental chambers and production leak testing.
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Testequip are suppliers of all types of inspection, measurement, NDT and materials testing equipment, specialising in supplying and sourcing a range of high technological and scientific equipment. Products include abrasion testers, coating thickness, ...
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Safe Environments is a multi-specialist consultancy with consultants who are experts in building materials, ergonomics, occupational hygiene and occupational health and safety. Core services include asbestos checks, risk management, safety ...
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Hanatek RT4 rub and abrasion tester
Supplier news
25/06/12 - Hanatek RT4 rub and abrasion testers, available from Novasys Group are designed to increase the efficiency, repeatability and safety of rub proof testing.
Taber abrasion wear testing
Supplier news
15/09/10 - Taber abrasion wear testing assists stone floor manufacturers to evaluate the durability of different floor surfaces.
F+T abrasion tester
Supplier news
02/04/09 - The F+T abrasion tester, available from Hylec Controls, determines the resistance against subsurface abrasion of unglazed tiles and plates.
Bareiss Abrasion Tester
Supplier news
24/02/09 - Testquip have introduced the Abrasion Tester from Bareiss. The abrasion tester consists of a basic frame, a specimen holder and an abrasion drum with electromotive control. The rotation speed is autom
The GS-680 IRHD Micro rubber hardness tester
Supplier news
13/01/09 - The GS-680 is a Micro rubber hardness tester that is used to measure international rubber hardness (IRHD-M method) complying with ISO 48 or the like, regarding to the hardness of vulcanised rubbers and thermoplastics. The model is a fully automated measuring ...
Handy Fiberscopes
Supplier news
25/11/08 - Handy fiberscopes, available from Testequip, are a new type of endoscopes that feature built-in illumination for field deployment. These endoscopes can be used to check mechanical equipment, automobile, electronic equipment, electrical equipment and ...

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