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Our videos give you more information about the leading products, services and suppliers in the architecture, building, construction and design industries. Find out more about the latest developments in your area by watching the videos below.
3D printing the dragons of the Great Pagoda, KEW
3D printing the dragons of the Great Pagoda, KEW
3D Systems, On Demand Manufacturing
Wilson Tool QuickTap
Want a fast tapping tool you can rely on? QuickTap™ from Wilson Tool delivers blazing speed and dependability from the tooling solutions manufacturer you trust. Boost productivity up to 200 taps per minute, and get Wilson Tool’s fast delivery, service ...
Sheetmetal Tooling Tech
Safeguard your fall protection equipment by choosing Pervidi
Fall protection equipment inspections are imperative to ensure safety and proper maintenance. All equipment must follow the manufacturer’s inspection recommendations. Safeguard your fall protection equipment by choosing Pervidi for your inspection needs.
Techs4Biz Australia
KALLISTA takes design to new heights with Direct Metal Print
Direct Metal Printing (DMP) provided by 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing enables first-of-its-kind luxury faucet for KALLISTA – their award winning design will be available commercially during 2018. To get a quote for your new project or for expert ...
3D Systems, On Demand Manufacturing
The Boss ULV now renamed SprayFog
The Boss ULV now renamed SprayFog
Dosing Systems Australia
AFL in Australia and New Zealand
We manufacture, design and install fibre optic and copper communication solutions. With a rich history in the fibre optic industry and an ever-growing global footprint, AFL not only exceeds expectations, but raises them. Our mission is to connect our ...
AFL Global
3D Systems, On Demand Manufacturing
3D Systems, On Demand Manufacturing Asia Pacific proudly supports local innovative fashion house, Mimco, with product design & development solutions.
3D Systems, On Demand Manufacturing
The new KA Switch by Kraus & Naimer
The KA switch series has been developed to meet increasing customer demand for safety and performance by combining innovation and quality in this latest design from Kraus & Naimer. Kraus & Naimer switches meet or surpass all relevant international ...
Kraus & Naimer
AutoJet® MiniFogger® Humidification System
The AutoJet® MiniFogger® Humidification System is suitable for installation on walls, ceilings and in corners. Advantages of using the unit for humidification operations include consistent misting, automatic spray alignment of the spray nozzles and an ...
Spraying Systems Co.
MiniFogger® III The Efficient Humidification Unit from Spray
Economical, efficient humidification unit designed for use when space is tight. The MiniFogger® III, from Spraying Systems Co. is compact and lightweight. It is ideal for use in hard-to-reach areas such as corners, walls and ceilings. It's also great ...
Spraying Systems Co.
AutoJet® Food Safety Spray Systems for Conveyors and Fresh M
Learn how to ensure pathogen reduction through uniform application of antimicrobials and sanitizers on products and conveyors. Watch a demonstration that shows why the AutoJet® Pathogen Protection System using spray manifolds provides more uniform and ...
Spraying Systems Co.
Demonstration of AutoJet® Food Safety Systems for Blenders
AutoJet® Food Safety Spray Systems help meat and poultry processors ensure the highest level of food safety and minimize production costs. This animation demonstrates the operation of the system used for tumblers, mixers and blenders.
Spraying Systems Co.

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