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Gorman-Rupp’s ‘eradicator solids management system’
Supplier news
08/11/18 - A New South Wales Council recently acquired a Gorman-Rupp T3C60SC-B pump for unloading wastewater tankers.
SMC’s D-MP series smart actuation sensors
Supplier news
07/11/18 - The launch of the D-MP smart actuation sensor highlights SMC’s commitment to optimising operating efficiencies for their customers.
New components in HepcoMotion’s flagship GV3 range will reduce downtime and extend service life
Supplier news
07/11/18 - T.E.A. Transmissions announces the addition of new components to HepcoMotion’s flagship GV3 range that will reduce downtime and extend service life.
QLD Containers for Change recycles 5M in first week
07/11/18 - More than five million containers have been returned and recycled in the first week of Queensland’s Containers for Change container deposit scheme.
KPMG: Aussie companies confident about investing in China
07/11/18 - Australian companies are largely optimistic about expansing their investments in China.
BHP to focus on rail upgrades following runaway train
07/11/18 - BHP CEO, Andrew Mackenzie, says the company will continue to invest in its rail structure in light of Monday’s derailment of an iron ore train.
Turck is publishing Eplan data for its fieldbus technology
Supplier news
07/11/18 - By publishing the Eplan data, Turck is considerably simplifying the electrical design of machines and plants with these products.
FOCIS Duel fibre optic connector inspection system
Supplier news
07/11/18 - The FOCIS Duel fibre optic connector inspection system is part of the Test & Inspection equipment range released by AFL in the ANZ region in 2018.
Image-Pro v10
Supplier news
06/11/18 - Scitech announces the release of Image-Pro v10 image analysis software from Media Cybernetics.
Maersk becomes first container shipping company to launch instant booking confirmation
06/11/18 - Maersk has introduced instant booking confirmation so customers can now complete their bookings within seconds.
Dairy code consultations kick off across Australia
06/11/18 - Dairy code consultations, held across major dairy regions in Australia, have kicked off.
Toyota Australia partners with Hobson's Bay City Council to undertake a trial of zero CO2 emitting hydrogen-electric vehicles. Source: Toyota.com.au
06/11/18 - Toyota is launching a trial of its environmentally friendly, zero CO2 emitting hydrogen-electric vehicles in Melbourne.

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