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Detect wear with the world's first smart and lubrication-free plain bearing from Treotham
Supplier news
25/08/19 - Treotham introduces a new polymer bearing developed by igus to indicate its degree of wear, thereby preventing machine and equipment failure.
Secure cable guidance on the top drive with the modular igus e-loop
Supplier news
25/08/19 - Treotham presents the modular e-loop energy chains for secure cable guidance on top drive systems in deep drilling rigs.
With the new icom.plus module, users can decide how to integrate the data from their sensors.
Supplier news
25/08/19 - With the new communication module icom.plus, the customer can now decide in which form they would like to incorporate the acquired data from the sensors.
McCrometer FPI Mag mag meter
Supplier news
24/08/19 - The FPI Mag meets or exceeds exacting industry standards of 0.5% accuracy with 3rd party testing verification.
Lubrication-free slewing ring bearings from the PRT-04 range save 60 percent weight and 50 percent space
Supplier news
22/08/19 - igus has now developed a new slewing ring bearing range for medium loads.
iBase's AGS100T and AGS102T compact fanless platforms
Supplier news
21/08/19 - Backplane Systems Technology presents the AGS100T/ AGS102T compact fanless platforms from iBase.
BHP delivers record returns despite productivity challenges
19/08/19 - BHP’s operational improvements during the 2019 financial year have been offset by poor weather, resource headwinds and unplanned outages.
EL-FLOW Prestige comes equipped with the data of 100 unique gases from the FLUIDAT database
Supplier news
19/08/19 - The Netherlands-based Bronkhorst High-Tech BV has expanded their database of gas and liquid properties from 1000 fluids to over 1800 fluids.
The latest DSM models now feature dual gigabit Ethernet ports to provide fast access.
Supplier news
19/08/19 - Interworld Electronics presents the DSM Series serial console servers, providing secure remote access to RS232 console ports.
ATDC's S04 trackless expanding security doors at Capitol Theatre
Supplier news
15/08/19 - ATDC recently installed their commercial grade expanding security doors at the historic Capitol Theatre on Melbourne’s Swanston Street.

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