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(L-R) Alberto Benetti, John Hales and Mal Patel (API Product Manager) and seated, Stefania Benetti.
Supplier news
19/04/18 - Australian Pump Industries recently had two visitors from Italian company PA to finalise an agreement on the use of their high pressure accessories.
Tera-4096 terahertz imaging camera
Supplier news
19/04/18 - Scitech introduces the Tera-4096 terahertz imaging camera, the largest standard THz imager model with a large 4096 pixels (64 x 64 array) imaging sensor.
Stainless steel CTP safety switch
Supplier news
19/04/18 - Treotham introduces a new range of robust safety switches from Euchner for use in packaging and food industries.
Australian company will convert China’s waste plastic to fuel
19/04/18 - Australian company, IGES, has announced a venture agreement with the Chinese Crown World Holdings to expand its plastic-to-fuel production operations.
Review of sheep exports to Middle East during northern summer
19/04/18 - Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud has announced the terms of reference for the short, sharp review into sheep exports.
ATDC’s RS6 high density security roller shutters at Moriah College
Supplier news
19/04/18 - ATDC recently installed their heavy duty security roller shutters at the prestigious Moriah College, a leading private school in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.
Gearing up for the National Manufacturing Week
19/04/18 - March 2018 marked an eighteenth continuous month of expanding or stable conditions for the Australian manufacturing sector.
Optidew 401 and 501 chilled mirror hygrometers
Supplier news
18/04/18 - AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces the release of a new range of chilled mirror hygrometers featuring new and improved sensors.
CerePlex Exilis wireless digital head stage
Supplier news
18/04/18 - CerePlex Exilis is a lightweight, wireless digital head stage that provides a platform for freely behaving small animal models in neuroscience research.
Tennant’s T350 stand-on scrubber
Supplier news
18/04/18 - Tennant announces the release of a new stand-on scrubber, the latest addition to the company’s impressive line-up of scrubber-dryers.
How to build resilience in Australia’s manufacturing industry
17/04/18 - The average output across Australian manufacturing sub-industries has swelled to 20 per cent above trend during economic upswings.
The new Turck Cloud Services offering is particularly suitable for the requirements of automation technology
Supplier news
16/04/18 - Turck Australia announces the release of their Turck Cloud Solutions service to address Industry 4.0 requirements.

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