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Flow and Pressure Transmitters Designed for Advanced Diagnostics
The high performance differential pressure level measurement EJX110A featuressingle crystal silicon resonant sensor and is suitable to measureliquid, gas, or steam flow as well as liquid level, density andpressure.

The multi sensing technology provides the advanced diagnostic function to detect such abnormalities as an impulse lineblockage or heat trace breakage.

Transmitter Equipment

The EJX Series include a range of Pressure Indicators, Flow and Differential Pressure transmitters.

Utilising DPHarp digital sensor technology, these transmitters provide the world's fastest response times as well as superior accuracy and stability.

SIL2 safety rated as standard:
  • Accuracy: +/-0.04% of Span
  • Stability: +/-0.1% of URL per 10 years
  • 200:1 turndown
  • Hazardous Approval to IECEx
Features of Pressure Transmitters
  • Digital Sensor Technology (DPHarp) pressure analysis
  • World Fastest Response time (90msec)
  • SIL2 Safety rating as Standard
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