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Pallets, export boxes, containers, packing straps from www.plasticpallets.com.au

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www.plasticpallets.com.au specialises in supplying plastic pallets, export boxes, containers and packing straps. www.plasticpallets.com.au supplies quarantine friendly plastic pallets and offers both small and large volume of plastic pallets.

www.plasticpallets.com.au supplies plastic pallets, second hand pallets and heavy duty pallets. Plastic pallets are a safe and an economic way of avoiding the problems associated with the use of wooden pallets. The plastic pallets eliminate the need of phytosanitary certificate during export and do not require fumigation. The plastic pallets weigh 8 kilograms each and can be easily lifted. The plastic pallets have a carrying capacity of 3000 kilograms static and 1000 kilograms of dynamic weights. The plastic pallets are cold and heat resistant and can withstand temperatures from minus 50 degree Celsius to plus 60 degree Celsius.

www.plasticpallets.com.au stocks a range of second hand pallets and offers Euro pallets which weigh 14 kilograms. The second hand pallets have a dimension of 120 x 80 x 10 centimetres. www.plasticpallets.com.au supplies heavy duty plastic pallets, where each pallet weighs around 27 kilograms. The heavy duty plastic pallets have a two way entry for pallet jack and fork lift.

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