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Heavy duty plastic pallets from www.plasticpallets.com.au

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www.plasticpallets.com.au supplies heavy duty plastic pallets that are 100% recyclable and do not require phytosanitary certificate inspection during export. The heavy duty plastic pallets can be hot washed; steam cleaned or chemically sterilised and can last for more than 10 years. The pallets are free from screws, nails and splinters and are therefore safe to handle.

www.plasticpallets.com.au offers heavy duty pallets which are hygienic and non-toxic and are resistant to chemicals such as acids and alkalis. The heavy duty plastic pallets are also resistant to moisture and are dimensionally stable under all climatic conditions. The pallets are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, are odour free and require minimum maintenance. The pallets do not require fumigation during export and have rubber stoppers to prpovide anti slip properties.

www.plasticpallets.com.au offers export quality boxes which are combination of plastic pallet and export boxes. The export boxes are strong and double corrugated export quality cardboard boxes and eliminates the need of fumigation costs. The box is lightweight and weighs around 15 kilograms. www.plasticpallets.com.au also offers export quality boxes that weigh about 7 kilograms each. www.plasticpallets.com.au supplies both small and large volume of plastic pallets.

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