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Wormald fire protection solutions comply with Australian standard

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Fire protection solutions in Australia are based on the level of perceived risk in each case, such as the likelihood of a fire occurring and the expected consequence as a result. Most Australian standards that deal with fire protection offer an appropriate fire solution based on risk analysis and management in the form of prescriptive fire solutions presented within mandatory clauses for scope and technical requirements. Wormald have achieved the Australian standard for fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment, AS 5062-2006.

Australian Standard for fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment, AS 5062-2006, is the pre-eminent standard for fire protection of heavy vehicles used in industries such as mining. The standard promotes rigorous processes for risk analysis and assessment as a prerequisite to determine the design and installation of a good fire protection system for each individual heavy vehicle application. It is the first fire protection standard to base fire protection on a risk analysis model, rather than a fixed prescriptive model.

Wormald have embraced the standard’s assessment and reporting process and their quality processes. These processes include formalised Wormald vehicle fire suppression (VFS) system risk assessment and reporting is designed to assess critical considerations. This incorporates a formal technical assessment for each vehicle application, which is ‘peer-reviewed’ by an accredited, experienced Wormald VFS system technician.

The Wormald assessment and reports include:

  • Fire hazard identification
  • Fire risk analysis
  • Fire risk treatment/reduction
  • Recommendation for an appropriate fire solution
  • Risk assessment accreditation process to ensure that only experienced and formally accredited Wormald VFS Systems technicians perform the risk assessment and ‘peer-review’
  • Strict training structure to provide the necessary technical knowledge, on the job experience and mentoring in Wormald’s VFS Systems

Wormald’s technical electronic library has been developed by the Technical Services Group and contains the latest technical information to support the Wormald VFS Systems including Australian standards, system manuals, testing and listing approvals, procedures and much more for its entire VFS Systems staff to access.

Wormald have been pushing for this standard from the very beginning is testament to the company’s dedication to ensuring a safe working environment for operators. Wormald believe that the AS 5062 standard will be made mandatory across the mining industry so that employees can be assured that they are protected when operating heavy vehicles and equipment.

Wormald’s systems include the Wormald foam water spray system and the Ansul A101 vehicle powder system as well as dual agent systems. The foam water spray system features high pressure, small droplet nozzles targeting high and medium risk areas, such as engine and transmission compartments and hydraulic areas, and utilises the fire suppression and containment features of Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF). Alternately, the A101 system discharges a dry powder known as Foray into the hazard volume to suppress a fire and is suitable for three dimensional liquid fuel fires.

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