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Facilitating your organisation with real skills and knowledge to face emergency situations, comprehensive Fire Safety Training from Wormald specialised education helps ensure protection and safety in a crisis.

Empowering your staff to make the right decision in a critical moment is facilitated by having the right knowledge and the practical capability.

Qualified Wormald teachers with Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Certification to professionally and purposefully educate staff with theory and practical learning
  • Fire Extinguisher Training using portable fire fighting equipment:  Operational skills and techniques for fire equipment as well as developing a clear understanding as to the importance of high fire safety standards
  • Breathing Apparatus (BA) Training: Full training for the appropriate use of self contained breathing apparatus as well as necessary knowledge
  • Confined Space Entry Training: Comprehensive training for authorised personnel to actively function in confined spaces while recognising hazardous substances, flammable and explosive environments harmful to safety or health
  • Fire Safety Adviser (FSA) Training Queensland only: Intelligent learning to achieve the necessary skill set to perform the duties of Fire Safety Advisor including risk management and emergency planning
  • Fire Safety Officer New South Wales Healthcare: Specialised education course to meet the stringent demands of healthcare providers and hospitals
  • Spill Response Training: Introductory course to the response hazardous liquid spills requires, including safe recognition and attention to the correct spill response solutions
  • Chief and Deputy Chief Warden Training: Effective teaching of practical Emergency Warning and Communication Systems, theoretical understanding or responsibilities and ECO operations development
  • Evacuation Exercise: Practical assessment of the ECO and staff awareness, including risk assessments, briefing and debriefing and drill process
  • General Staff Emergency Awareness Training: Mindful theory training for staff to develop the necessary response skills in an emergency, focusing on safety, information and emergency protocols
  • First Aid Training: Broad public and workplace training for confident care and management of the injured or sick until medical services arrives
  • Warden Refresher Training: Essential review and reflection of current procedures and reinforcement of prior training
  • Lay Flat Hose Training: Developed to suit Emergency Response Teams (ERT) required to defend against larger than first attack fires including containment training until the arrival of emergency services
Ensuring your staff has the right skills in emergencies; Wormald Australia Fire Safety Training also includes other equipment and products including Emergency Procedure Plans, Evacuation Diagrams, Emergency Cleaning Equipment and Megaphones. Wormald information and contact details

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