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Being prepared with Wormald’s fire protection equipment

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Leading fire suppression systems provider, Wormald would like companies to be better prepared for potential fire accidents by installing the right kind of equipment.

Being sufficiently prepared for any fire eventuality will help to minimise fire damage to people and property. But fire protection specialist Wormald believes that many companies continue to make simple mistakes that can affect their level of fire protection.  

According to Garry Kwok, National Technical Services Manager at Wormald, a business or facility of any size needs to have basic fire protection equipment. Additionally, the right kind of fire protection equipment must be in place so that fires can be dealt with immediately.  

For example, water fire extinguishers should never be used on an electrical switchboard since electrical fires are best treated with powder or carbon dioxide extinguishers.  

He emphasises the need for companies to carry out a comprehensive assessment of their premises to help identify potential fire hazards and determine the correct fire protection solution required with options available from basic fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire sprinkler systems, passive fire solutions or more advanced fire detection and suppression systems.  

Wormald’s range of fire suppression systems includes the VanQuish system, a ‘dry’ system specifically designed for cold storage facilities and the environment-friendly Inergen gaseous fire suppression systems suitable for data centres and facilities housing mission critical equipment.  

Staff training being an important facet of fire protection, employees, especially those assigned to the company’s fire safety team should be fully briefed and trained on what to do in the event of a fire.  

According to Kwok, it is important that each staff member is aware of the various classes of fire and the appropriate fire equipment to be used for each incident. Fire wardens should be fully trained on their responsibilities, fire equipment and the emergency warning and communication systems in their premises.  

Signage is also a necessity at fire system installation points to denote the proper use of fire equipment so that the user knows exactly what needs to be dome.  

Fire exit signs additionally help direct building occupants to escape to a place of safety in the event of a fire evacuation.  

Kwok also advises companies to regularly service and maintain their fire equipment and fire protection systems as well-maintained fire systems can help save lives and property.  

Wormald’s broad range of fire protection equipment and solutions comes with a number of fire safety training courses.

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