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Aquasonic Water-Atomising Fire Supression Systems available from Wormald

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article image Water-Atomising Fire Supression Systems

The Aquasonic water-atomising fire supression systems, available from Wormald , are completely flood system designed to protect Class B flammable liquid hazards in machinery spaces, both insulated and non-insulated combustion turbine enclosures, generator enclosures, as well as flammable liquid storage.

The Aquasonic fire supression systems have the capacity to protect against a potential hazard with a free volume up to 260 m3 with two atomizers that use low pressure, dual flow, supersonic atomisation technology to create a minimum 10-minute discharge plume of water droplets that are the suitable size to suppress and control a Class B fire.

When sprayed within a small space, the Aquasonic spray pattern expands slightly and the water droplets are mainly circulated around the area through the high velocity discharge of atomising media. As the plume of water droplets gets closer to the floor, or other surface, the majority of the plume is diverted laterally, as well as vertically upwards, to fill the spaces between the core spray patterns and above the atomisers. This then results in the rapid, homogenous distribution of water droplets throughout the environment requiring protection.

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