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Historian software with enhanced performance

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WONDERWARE has released Version 8 of its IndustrialSQL Server historian which includes a rich client toolset, desktop reporting and data mining tools, SPC analysis and Web visualisation.

Version 8 is an affordable and powerful off-the-shelf historian that delivers enhanced performance and scalability for industrial automation users.

The application captures detailed plant data in real-time, providing companies with better understanding of their manufacturing processes and enabling them to make improvements in product consistency and productivity.

Combined with Wonderware's analytical client applications, IndustrialSQL sets the foundation for companies trying to improve their industrial intelligence capabilities.

An important objective for companies working in Government audited environments is maximising project lifecycles.

With IndustrialSQL Server's product enhancements, companies can effectively manage the implementation and maintenance costs of implementing Federal or State validated applications.

IndustrialSQL is an extension to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 designed to acquire production data at dramatically increased speeds, reduce data storage volume and integrate production, event, summary and configuration data as well as enterprise application information.

As the first historian to be available for the Windows NT platform, IndustrialSQL Server offers users quick access to their history data as well as immediate access to real-time data. To date more than 10,000 licenses have been sold worldwide.

IndustrialSQL Server 8.0 delivers enhanced performance, scalability and robustness for industrial automation users offering quality analysis, production analysis and tracking capabilities.

New benefits include:

· Ultra high availability and fault tolerance including the ability to protect against server or network hardware failure.

· Lower cost of maintenance and administration for both single and multi-node systems.

· Improved performance and support of larger and more complex applications. Data samples may be acquired and stored at up to 60,000 samples per second for one-second durations.

· Enhanced scalability, with the flexibility to meet applications as small as 100 tags to large system users with more than 100,000 tags.

· Support for completely localized applications, including single and multi-byte characters in tag names, tag descriptions and string tags.

· Enhanced support for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 application development with added capabilities for audit trails, configuration change logs, securing manual data and record updates.

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