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WIA introduces new welding electrodes for oil and gas, offshore and pipe welding

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article image Austarc 18TC welding electrodes

Leading Australian welding supply company, WIA Welding Industries of Australia introduces the new Austarc range of welding electrodes designed primarily for use on C-Mn and low alloy structural steels.  

The Austarc 18TC electrodes are E7018-1 type low hydrogen arc welding electrodes designed specifically for oil and gas, offshore and pipe welding applications.   

The low hydrogen iron powder electrodes are also suitable for applications in structural steel construction, pressure vessels, heavy girders, mining equipment and earthmoving plant repair and maintenance.    

Austarc 18TC electrodes are manufactured using a unique twin coating extrusion process, and offer excellent AC arc stability and superb DC+ arc transfer.   

The Austarc 18TC range delivers superb arc transfer, excellent re-strike, reduced spatter level and great ease of use for out-of-position welding.     

Since the early 1960s, WIA has built a strong reputation for delivering high quality filler metal products for the industrial user. Renowned for their smooth running characteristics and ease of use, Austarc electrodes are the preferred choice of operators in workshops across Australia.     

According to Fuhai Liu, WIA’s Product Manager for Filler Metals, the new Austarc 18TC range of electrodes has been designed for Australian welding professionals and specialists following extensive research and development. WIA recently demonstrated the range to several welding professionals and received excellent feedback.  

Mr Liu adds that WIA has an ongoing new product development program designed to deliver innovative and reliable welding solutions to their customers.  

Key advantages of the new Austarc 18TC electrodes:  

  • Offers welders very smooth running characteristics coupled with exceptional ease of use 
  • Provides a reliable, consistent weld 
  • More efficient, with far less time wasted striking and restriking 
  • Increased efficiency on site can lead to lower costs and quicker turnaround of the project without the hassle of downtime and rework 
  • Twin-coated electrodes have very low hydrogen H5 status making them less prone to weld metal cracking 
  • Excellent low temperature fracture toughness 
  • Smooth performance on low OCV AC welding machines 
  • Available in 2.5mm, 3.2mm and 4.0mm sizes with the 2.5mm electrode 300mm in length and the 3.2mm and 4.0mm electrodes, 380mm in length  

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