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Vortex Welding Respirators from WIA Welding Industries of Australia

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The heavy duty Vortex PAPR or powered air purifying respirator is available from WIA Welding Industries of Australia . WIA has been supplying Australian industry with top quality welding equipment and consumables for almost 50 years.  

It is every employer’s responsibility to ensure their employees have safe working conditions. Part of this responsibility includes undertaking a risk assessment to understand and plan for potential workplace hazards.  

Hazards associated with welding activities range from arc flashes and burns to exposure to welding fumes.  

Welding fumes exposure can result in minor conditions such as eye and skin irritation as well as headaches and dizziness, and exposure to fumes may be considered to be a factor in more serious respiratory and nervous system disorders.  

While hazards cannot be completely eliminated, a safe workplace environment can be created by providing employees with high quality eye and head protection as well as personal welding respirators and ensuring appropriate use of environmental fume extraction systems.  

With the right equipment in place, minor conditions can be avoided and potential long-term worker health risks minimised.  

Welding processes generate fumes containing gaseous mixtures of elements as well as airborne metal and dust particulate. Every individual workplace has a different set of variables to consider when understanding the impact of welding fumes such as base metals, filler metal products, available ventilation and welding duration in confined welding spaces.  

A comprehensive assessment of workplace conditions by a professional consultant will help the company implement the right strategy to ensure exposure to fumes is minimised. Employers should understand and comply with the Fume Minimisation Guidelines, available from the Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) website.    

When assessing appropriate welding respiratory protection devices, there are a few factors to be considered:

  • Selecting a well-known brand of welding respirators will ensure the product has been thoroughly tested and conforms to Australian standards
  • Full head and neck protection is essential to ensure an enclosed breathing capsule is created, offering a positive atmosphere of clean air and less than 1% of inward leakage
  • High quality respirator units will offer variable air flow settings, a high impact rating and a variety of audible and visual alarms

WIA’s heavy duty Vortex welding respirators offer several advantages to the user:

  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Back harness to balance the weight of the respirator
  • Harness maximises operator comfort by reducing back and neck strain when welding
  • High and low settings of air flow (160LPM and 200LPM) enable the operator to switch to suit the environment and application
  • Audible beep, visible flashing LED and mechanical vibration ensures the operator is alerted if a blockage occurs even in the noisiest of working environments

Vortex PAPR is combined with the Miller Digital Elite helmet to offer the latest lens technology as well as respiratory protection.  

The X-Mode feature, which operates by electromagnetic sensing eliminates the hassles commonly associated with welding out-of-position or outdoors.  

Both the helmet shell and lens have a high impact rating.

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