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Digital Elite Miller auto darkening welding helmets from WIA ensure eye protection

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Robert Clarke, senior metal fabricator with champion V8 Supercar constructor Triple Eight Race Engineering insists upon Digital Elite Miller auto-darkening helmets available from WIA Welding Industries of Australia for his team of welders.  

With light travelling at around 299,792 km/s, the reaction speed of the lens in a welder’s helmet is critical when a welding arc is struck.  

Modern-day professional welders rely heavily on their auto-darkening welding helmets to protect their eyes from the painful and often debilitating effect of welder’s flash burn or ‘arc eye’ that may lead to infection and vision loss.  

Mr Clarke explains that the health of their welders is very important to the company, which is why at Triple Eight, all welders are given the latest Digital Elite Miller welding helmets when they join the company. The welders are also given Miller welding gloves.  

In addition to user-friendly operation, the Miller welding helmets are lightweight and easy to wear. The welders are also assured of welding without getting flashes and with full eye protection.  

Additionally, the lenses darken quickly and also have a very large viewing area that allows the welder to see clearly during welding.  

However, Mr Clarke picks out the X-Mode as one of the most important features of the Digital Elite Miller welding helmets, which can dramatically impact the team’s productivity, weld quality and operator comfort.  

The X-Mode function eliminates the problem of false activations, which may happen on other brands of welding helmets when two or more welders are working on the same vehicle.  

By adjusting the sensitivity of the X-Mode, the welders are able to continue welding without incessant false activations.  

False activations can seriously reduce the quality of finished welds. Productivity can also be hampered since the constant flickering can put the operator’s focus on the performance of the helmet instead of the job at hand.  

Reduced operator comfort is another side effect of false activations with the user subjected to fatigue and headaches from the increased need to blink frequently while welding.  

Key advantages of Miller’s Digital Elite auto darkening helmets:  

  • Latest digital lens technology eliminates false activations 
  • Does not compromise fast switching speeds and reliability 
  • Lens darkening reaction time of 1/20,000 sec 
  • Lens operates through electromagnetic arc sensing technology in X-Mode 
  • Lens operation is triggered by the detection of welding current as opposed to reliance on light intensity 
  • Lens operation not impacted by external light conditions, physical barriers or adjacent operator activity 
  • Optional magnification lens available for welding small items 
  • Offers the flexibility to weld, cut and grind with one helmet, eliminating the need to change head and face protection during a job 
  • Can handle a range of jobs in metal fabrication workshops or general manufacturing environments 
  • Digital operation provides the user with the control to adjust shade, sensitivity and delay preferences for various applications 
  • Conveniently positioned raised buttons and large LCD screen enables the operator to adjust and monitor settings     

The Miller auto-darkening welding helmets are exclusively available from WIA (Welding Industries of Australia), one of Australia’s leading welding supply companies. 

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