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Wolflite XT Handlamps from Whyte-Hall Australia

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Wolf Safety Lamp Company’s all-new ATEX/IECEx approved Wolflite XT handlamps are distributed through Whyte-Hall Australia .  

Wolflite XT handlamps are an advanced development in their safety handlamps range, even eclipsing their established Wolflite H-251 handlamps in features and performance.  

Wolflite XT handlamps present a quantum leap in battery, light and control technology encased in a modern, compact and ergonomic design.  

Wolflite XT incorporates the latest LED technology and delivers 200 lumens output on full power, an increase of five times from the previous Wolf H-251A handlamps.  

Wolflite XT LED handlamps offer both spot and flood beam options in the same unit, providing a flexible solution for all portable lighting requirements.  

The lightweight handlamps weigh 30% less while the battery lasts between three and nine hours on full power, depending on the model. The handlamp’s operation can be extended up to 18 hours in powersave mode.  

Fitted with high performance Lithium-Ion batteries, recharging is achieved three times faster, enabling the Wolflite XT to be fully charged from flat in three to four hours.  

Wolflite XT portable handlamps feature a two-shot moulded body and lens ring enclosure in distinctive black and yellow Wolf house colours. The new handlamps offer all the prime safety and operational features of previous Wolflite models in addition to improved performance and extra features.

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