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Whyte-Hall was originally established in 1946 and is today, a well known supplier of specialised GB7 High Pressure Grout Pump for hazardous work environments in the construction, mining and industrial areas.

Extremely simple and robust
  • Air driven, reciprocating, single piston type
  • Piston has a built in check valve which opens on the down stroke and closes on the up stroke
  • Ideal for construction, building, civil engineering, mining and general industry applications
Wide range of applications
  • Construction, Building, Civil Engineering: Ground anchors, backfiling, guniting, ground sealing, spraying, building repair etc. where cementitious type materials need to be applied to fill voids, cracks etc. under pressure
  • Mining: Roofbolting, postgrouting, longhole grouting, spraying, etc
  • General: Heavy duty transfer pumping, sludge pump spraying, etc
The GB7 grout pump is widely used in mining and civil applications for the pumping and spraying of grout. The high pressure grout is suitable for applications that involve roof bolting, post grouting, longhole grouting, spraying, backfilling, ground anchors, guniting, ground sealing, spraying & building repair.
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11/11/10 - Whyte-Hall Australia introduces the new GB7 air driven, reciprocating, single piston grout pumps.
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