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WheelieSafe Heavy Duty Electric Bin Handling Trolley Benefits

  • Move heavy and multiple wheelie bins safely
  • Dual 24v 180w electric motors propel the load up the steepest driveway or ramp –all you have to do is steer!
  • Driven by dual 12v x 15ah long life sealed lead acid batteries
  • Reserve battery pack dual 12v x 7.6ah long life sealed lead acid batteries
  • Up to 2.5 hours of continuous operation using both battery packs
  • The trolley’s third wheel takes the ‘tilt’ load preventing OH&S injuries to the back, hand and forearm
  • Failsafe electro-mechanical braking system keeps heavy bin loads under control at all times
  • Unique patented hook system can handle bins from any side
  • Increases productivity with a special handling bracket that can handle up to four empty or lightly laden bins simultaneously
  • Handles all bins from 80 litre to 360 litre
  • Wide track and wide puncture proof tyres add stability and reduce effort across soft and uneven surfaces

Additional Features

  • Powered in forward and reverse
  • Two speeds: slow for manoeuvring and walking pace for covering distance
  • Free-wheeling hubs save on battery power when not under load
  • High quality pneumatic tyres on drive wheels
  • Folding stand minimises footprint when not in use
  • 240v battery charger and battery condition gauge
  • Extra charging lead so reserve battery pack can be kept charged independently of the trolley
  • Additional Handling Bracket locks in ‘four-square’ multiple bin loads
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