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Westek Electronics offers coupling decoupling networks for luminaries

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article image TESEQ coupling decoupling networks are now supplied locally by Westek Electronics

Coupling decoupling networks (CDNs) are essential for testing for EMC conformance of electronic luminaries, and Westek Electronics offers a range of these devices for use with varying frequency ranges.

Manufactured by TESEQ, these CDNs are available for virtually all common and less commonly used cable types, including:

  • unscreened AC and DC power supply lines
  • low-current carrying unscreened and unbalanced lines
  • unscreened CAN buses
  • screened cables
  • coaxial cables
  • USBs
  • screened, balanced lines as used in IT and telecommunications; and
  • unscreened balanced lines.
A CDN is also available that is suitable for meeting the current testing requirements specified by CISPR 15 (7th edition).

This particular Coupling decoupling network is suitable for use in frequency ranges from 30 MHz to 300MHz, and can be supplied in a number of configurations, including varieties with banana connectors and sub-D connectors.

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