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Westek Electronics continue exclusive representation of Schaffner EMC components in Australia

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Westek Electronics  is the exclusive representative and distributor for Schaffner EMC components.

Schaffner is a leader in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and supports with its components solutions, an efficient and reliable use of interference-free electric energy.

Schaffner EMI/RFI filter components are specified in its catalogues to aid the designer in achieving optimum RF immunity and low emission values. Schaffner EMI/RFI filter and feed through components are manufactured to the exacting standards demanded by Swiss technological practices.

EMI/RFI filter products including common-mode (asymetric) and differential (symmetric) RFI/EMI filter products are constructed using low saturation core materials and have excellent insertion loss characteristics under a range of source/load impedances over wide frequency ranges to 30 MHz and to 3 GHz thus answering the latest IEC/EN mandated standards. Multi-stage EMI/RFI filters are suitable for NEMP and Tempest military and secure communication requirements.

  • Schaffner EMI/RFI filter products are available in a large number of executions suitable for chassis mounting, PCB mounting and applications including IEC inlet mounting. Schaffner EMI/RFI filter products are available for large power requirements.
  • Schaffner EMI/RFI power filters components are available in single-phase, two-phase and three-phase executions in a large range of currents as high as 2500 Amps. Schaffner IEC inlet EMI/RFI filters include filter products with and without inlet switches and with and without fuses as well as various mounting methods.
  • Schaffner EMI/RFI feed through capacitor devices have excellent voltage impulse characteristics and are suitable for a large range of EMI/RFI immunity/emission applications including sensitive communication applications, etc.
  • Schaffner Pulse Transformer devices have a large tolerance on ignition currents, provide excellent galvanic isolation and are available in dual and multiple winding configurations.
  • Schaffner EMI/RFI choke components include current-compensated and saturating choke devices. Schaffner EMI/RFI choke devices can be used for a large range of power frequencies including 400 Hz avionics applications and 1 kHz (for saturated choke devices). Schaffner EMI/RFI choke devices are characterised by low leakage flux and are available in dual, triple, and quad configurations.
  • Schaffner EMI/RFI feed through filters utilise Pi-topology with Y-capacitor components and intermediate EMI/RFI choke. Schaffner EMI/RFI feed through filter devices have high insertion loss to frequencies as high as 1 GHz and are suitable for applications including UPS systems, shielded rooms, IT/Computer installations, and medical apparatus.

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