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article image Schaffner MFO 6502 magnetic field testing device.

THE new Schaffner model MFO 6502 magnetic field testing device, available from Westek Electronics, provides for power frequency testing in accordance with EN/IEC 61000-4-8 and 61000-4-9.

The device comprises of a programmable (via the Schaffner Modula mainframe controller), low impedance power amplifier, driving magnetic loop antennas such as the Schaffner INA 702 or 701, or loops to individual customer requirements. With the Schaffner INA 702, field strengths of up to 40 amp/metre can be achieved.

Pulsed field testing can also be done through the interposing the Schaffner INA 752 pulse wave shape adaptor between the MFO 6502 power amplifier and the INA 701 or 702 loop antennas. Field strengths of up to 1200 amp/metre can be achieved.

Modula is a fieldbus-oriented system with individual testing instrumentation being nodes on the bus (Interbus). The individual instruments are defined as function modules by Modula's software, and can physically be hooked up in any desired order.

A master controller knows the detailed properties of each testing module.

Modula software presents the user with all the test functions available to a particular hardware configuration of instruments.

Modula is, as implied by its name, a modular system which can be purchased as a mainframe including hand-held controller, Interbus master controller and LAN (TCP/IP) interface, in combination with instruments including burst, surge, and ESD generators, variable voltage sources, and a variety of coupling units for data and telephone networks.

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