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IGBT driver board from Westek Electronics

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The Powerex BG2B boards, available from Westek Electronics  satisfy the requirements of total gate charge, optimize turn-on and turn-off in terms of minimizing switching losses, and prevent cross conduction and gate rigging for paralleled IGBTs.

The Powerex IGBT driver boards utilise high-speed, opto-couplers for signal isolation (to 2500 volts rms), and non-saturation conditions for thermal protection of the IGBTs. In addition the driver board provides isolated fault feedback signals.

Three basic models of the Powerex driver board are offered for IGBT ratings of 100, 200 and 400 amps. The Powerex driver boards derive their power from Powerex DC-DC converters, and a selection of 15 V or 24 V is available.

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