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Digital multimeter now available from Westek Electronics

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The new Picotest M3510A/3511A digital multimeters available from Westek Electronics have very fast data acquisition rates up to 50,000 readings per second (M3510A) and 10,000 readings per second (M3511A) as well as dual LED displays. The Picotest M3510A digital mulitmeter is capable of measuring temperature using RTDs and thermocouples in addition. Because of the dual display feature simultaneous readout of voltage and temperature is possible.

Features of the digital mulitmeters include:

  • The new M3510A and 3511A six and a half digit digital multimeters with USB port are suited to R&D, scientific as well production and service tasks
  • These digital mulitmeters are equipped with USBTMC compliant port
  • USBTMC is a protocol built on top of USB allowing GPIB-like communication with USB devices
  • The USB device on the digital multimeters behaves just like a GPIB device (example: ‘VISA Write’ can be used to send the *IDN? query and ‘VISA Read’ to get the response
  • The USBTMC protocol supports service request, triggers and other GPIB specific operations
The  M3510A and M3511A digital multimeters measure AC and DC voltage, DC and AC current, as well as capacitance and the M3510A digital multimeter also measures temperature for E, J, K, N, R, S and T thermocouples. The Picotest instruments are characterised by high accuracy and stability providing, for example, a voltage accuracy over a 24 hour period of 0.012% of reading. Voltage is measured to 1000 V DC (750 V AC), current to 3 amps AC/DC, and frequency/period to 300 kHz.

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