Comply with EMC Regulations with Schaffner RFI and EMI Filters from Westek Electronics


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Reduction of broadband conducted and radiated radio frequency interference (RFI) is a vital element of power quality and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Westek Electronics offers a range of EMI or RFI power line filters to enable manufacturers to meet EMC compliance regulations and increase product reliability.

Very compact PCB RFI Filters
  • Extremely compact EMI suppression components
  • Can be directly mounted on printed circuit boards of low power office, medical, telecom and IT equipment, DC/DC converters and power supplies
  • Low cost solution for manufacturers who have planned for EMC compliance throughout the equipment design process already
IEC Inlet Filters and Power Entry Modules an all-in-one solution
  • IEC connector, EMC/EMI filter, fuse, switch and voltage selector combined in a powerful compact all-in-one solution
  • Ideal for computers, monitors, medical devices and office equipment like printers and copy machines
DC EMC/EMI Filters for photovoltaic inverters
  • Specifically optimised for applications with DC supply such as photovoltaic inverters
  • Reduce conducted emissions towards the solar panel
  • Reduce the probability of EMI radiation off the solar panel
  • Prevent premature panel aging because of HF leakage currents
  • Meet international EMC regulations for the entire PV system
Single Phase EMC/RFI Filters allows a specific choice and deployment for countless applications
  • Single phase EMC/EMI filters suitable for chassis or DIN rail mounting
  • Suitable for EMC compliance of higher power office equipment and low to medium power industrial applications
  • Huge model range available to suit specific applications based on current capacity, performance and leakage current requirements
Three Phase RFI Filters a compact solution for the interference suppression on the mains input of cabinets and control units of equipment
  • Designed for industrial applications like motor drives, machine tools, mainframe computer systems, large uninterruptible power supplies, medical equipment, wind turbine power stations and a vast array of other three phase power electronics
  • Huge model range to suit specific size and performance applications
  • Low leakage models available suitable for installations with residual current device RCD
Westek can arrange for a custom RFI/EMC/EMI filter to suit your specific requirements. Custom filters can be open frame or installed in packaging of your specification. Westek Electronics information and contact details


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