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Capacitors for discharge and fluorescent lamps from Westek Electronics

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Westek Electronics  announces the availability of the full range of Ducati Energia capacitors for fluorescent, discharge and high-pressure discharge lamps. Ducati Energia is a leading European manufacturer who has been instrumental in the development of specialized capacitors suitable for operation in contemporary electrical environments typically beset by very high levels of harmonics.

The presence of harmonics cause high currents and at times, dangerous voltages to be built up across capacitors, Ducati Energia capacitors comply with the stringent requirements as specified by IEC 61048, a standard to which Ducati Energia has contributed its expertise. This standard was completely revised in November 2000 to become EN 61049, which is specific to capacitors for use in tubular fluorescent and other discharge lamp circuits.

The range of Ducati Energia capacitors covers applications such as fluorescent tubes from very low powers to 140 watt tubes, mercury vapour lamps to typically 1000 watt, low pressure sodium vapour lamps to 200 watt, high pressure versions to 1000 watt, and metal iodide lamps to 3500 watt.

The Ducati Energia capacitors are available in three basic series: Series 4.16.23 plastic case capacitors with overpressure safety device; Series 4.16.04 plastic case capacitors; and Series 4.16.32/31 heavy duty metallic case capacitors with ‘floppy cap’ safety device.

The Series 4.16.23 and 4.16.04 capacitors are suitable for duty with fluorescent and discharge lamps where circuits exhibit limited harmonic distortion (THID less than 30%) and for single phase supplies. The heavy duty capacitors (Series 4.16.32 and 4.16.31) are designed for use with high intensity discharge lamps (sodium, mercury and metallic halides) and where high harmonic distortion levels are likely to be encountered.

The Ducati Energia Series 4.16.23 utilises a self-healing propylene film dielectric, and a pressure sensitive membrane which will rupture the electrical connections when the dielectric disassociates into gas. The capacitance values range from 2 to 16 microfarads. The 4.16.04 series is constructed from polypropylene film covered by a thin, vacuum-coated metal layer.

The capacitors are characterized by very low loss inductive windings, self healing properties of the dielectric and dry technology thus avoiding the risk of leakage. Capacitance values range from 2 to 100 microfarads.

The Ducati Energia Series 4.16.32/31 capacitors also utilize the same dielectric structure. The metallic covers have a ‘floppy cap’ which is instrumental in rupturing the terminals in cases where dangerous gas build-up occurs. Capacitor values range from 2 to 60 microfarads.

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